Thanks for having me Norseman!

Great Western Woodlands
Credit: Lynn Webb

I spent last week at Norseman.

This town is always such a welcome surprise. It’s clean, the people are welcoming, and there is so much to see and do when you get there.

Lynn Webb’s, Gallery of Splendid Isolation is a little gem that you don’t expect to see. Throw in the Western Woodlands, heritage trails, murals, parks and the beautiful new Visitors Centre and you a gorgeous little town that is worth spending some time in. The food at the pub is pretty good too.

In the past Norseman has been a place that I (like many others) whiz by on the way to Esperance but it is fast becoming a quick getaway for me. I arrive in town, and I feel the tension slowly slipping away.  I can wander around the town or jump in my car, and with 5 minutes I can be in the middle of the Western Woodlands soaking in the peace and quiet.

If you haven’t given Norseman a second thought for a weekend away, let me encourage you to do so. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.