Thought to be named after a native bird cry, or perhaps derived from a native word meaning 'place of wind', Wiluna was 'located' in 1892 by surveyor Lawrence Wells.  Gold was discovered in the area in 1896 leading to a rush to the area and affectively establishing the town of Wiluna.

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Sunset at Red Hill Lookout - Wiluna
Credit: DWP Photography


The Canning Stock Route, a 1,500km route from Wiluna to Halls Creek, was forged through in the early 1900s allowing mining continued to thrive.

The onset of WWII impacted on the male population resulting in a decrease in mining activity and by the 1960s, the town’s population was less than 100.

As land was surveyed and roads developed such as the Gunbarrel Highway, Wiluna became more accessible to tourists.

The resurgence of mining in the 1980s has seen a growth in population as well as the Indigenous Martu people coming in from the lands.

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Shire of Wiluna
28 Scotia Street, Wiluna, Western Australia

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  • Last of the Nomads Statues
    Last of the Nomads Statues
    Credit: DWP Photography
  • Wiluna Heritage Walking Trail
    Wiluna Heritage Walking Trail
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  • Canning Stock Route - Wiluna
    Canning Stock Route
    Credit: Canning Stock Route - Western Australia