Ravensthorpe and Hopetoun

The region offers visitors bushwalks and walk trails through rocky ranges, grand headlands with spectacular coastal vistas, access to pristine beaches, go kayaking in rugged river valleys, estuaries and inlets, amazing marine life and year-round wildflowers that become abundant during Spring.

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East Mt Barren Hopetoun
Credit: Dene Bingham


Located 508km south-east of Perth between Albany and Esperance, the Shire of Ravensthorpe surrounded by Ranges, spans an area over 13,500km² with two-thirds of the Shire natural bushland, made up of national parks with Frank Hann in the north and in the south the Fitzgerald River National Park, the core of the international Fitzgerald Biosphere region that ranks as one of the most important areas for plant diversity in the world with over 800 rare and threatened plant and animal species.  The Shire encompasses the inland town of Ravensthorpe, home of the Ravensthorpe Wildflower Show and Herbarium, the coastal town of Hopetoun, located on the Mary Ann Harbour and gateway to the Fitzgerald River National Park and township of Munglinup surrounded by inlets and estuaries renown for the birdlife.


The Ravensthorpe Range north-east of the town and part of the Fitzgerald Biosphere offers a number of scenic drives and lookouts that provide spectacular views across surrounding farmlands, diverse landscapes and views to the ocean. Greeted with the view of the towering Silo Art, visitors can explore the local museum with their fascinating collections of historic memorabilia or discover the local history through various walk and drive trails. The rich geology and outstanding natural beauty and biodiversity of the pristine bushland that boasts more eucalypts species than anywhere else in the world will enthuse nature lovers.


Named after the first Governor-General of Australia, John Hope, 7th Earl of Hopetoun, the location on the coast provides some of the most magnificent and accessible white sandy beaches and views of the south coast.  Mary Ann Harbour, once a port for the gold mines in the vicinity, is now a picturesque destination for tourists to visit. There are a number of walks and 4WD trails for the hiker and adventure seeker including the rail trail walk from Hopetoun to Ravensthorpe.  Beachfront camping, serene water pools can be found along Southern Ocean Road to the east, while both on and off-shore fishing can be enjoyed anywhere along the coast.


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  • Masons Bay Hopetoun
    Masons Bay
    Credit: Dene Bingham
  • ravensthorpe dance cottage mallee fowl
    ravensthorpe dance cottage mallee fowl
  • Barrens Beach Hopetoun
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  • Hamersley Drive Hopetoun
    Hamersley Drive
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