The areas around Ngaanyatjarraku is rich in first nations culture, untouched landscapes and talented creatives. The country offers brilliant blue skies, dramatic red ground and remarkable flora and fauna.

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Tjulyuru Regional Arts Gallery


Hosting spectacular scenery and a rich culture, the Shire of Ngaanyatjarraku has a span of almost 160,000km² and borders both the Northern Territory and South Australia.

Home to almost 1,600 residents and nine Indigenous communities, the Shire’s main town of Warburton is located more than 1,500km’s north-east of Perth.

The Shire of Ngaanyatjarraku is traversed by The Outback Way where there are numerous arts, culture and tourist sites to explore.  As many are located on traditional lands, visitors are always welcome however passes are required in order to gain access.

Ngaanyatjarra Council
Incorporated in 1981, the Ngaanyatjarra Council consists of the communities of Warburton, Irrunytju (Wingellina), Papulankutja (Blackstone), Mantamaru (Jameson), Warakurna, Tjirrkarli, Tjukurla, Wanarn, Kiwirrkurra, Patjarr and Pira Kata (Kanpa).

Each of these communities operates independently, making economic and social planning decisions for their advancement and future development.

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