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Storytelling, Imagination and Curiosity – Art n Wine Night

Golden Mile Art Exhibition Group, 96 Wittenoom St, Boulder
Western Australia
The power of storytelling


Not an English lesson in sight!

Join Golden Mile Art for a workshop about exploring creativity and storytelling through less traditional and unorthodox methods. Through skill-building games and exercises, this is fun workshop centres on sparking inspiration and curiosity to develop impactful stories across various mediums, not just the written word.

Drawing on experiences in writing, comedy and improv, this workshop explores creativity and less conventional methods for bringing your stories to life.

Members $40. Non-Members $55
Cost includes drinks and nibbles.
Everyone is welcome.

Author – SJ Eeles
SJ’s parents sold her to a mad scientist when she was just three days old and she was raised mostly by the lab mice.  She credits this upbringing for her passion for hard to pronounce cheeses.  She has always loved writing, and for most of her life was an extremely dedicated writer for approximately five days out of every year, however, after a tumour, that she christened Earnest, was discovered and successfully removed, writing became a full-time commitment.

SJ Eeles has written a screenplay, three feature length plays and several short ones, a found footage film script, a 12 episode radio play, a found footage screenplay, some truly awful short stories and some not too bad ones.

Original Sin, published in 2019 was her third novel (if you count the ones she started when she was 15), but the first she finished.  The others remain in the ever-growing Drawer of Unfinished Projects.


Art and Wine nights are a great way for members to test the waters of hosting or to have a bit of fun hosting occasionally with ease and support.  These are an opportunity for members to earn an income from practising arts, develop their skillsets and build their network. We like to host these at least every 4-6 weeks.

If you would like more information about hosting or attending, please email or message us on our Facebook page.

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Golden Mile Art Exhibition Group
96 Wittenoom St, Boulder
Golden Mile Art