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Exhibition Opening: Rules of Summer / Black and CUTE

Goldfields Arts Centre, 35 Cheetham Street, Kalgoorlie
Western Australia
Goldfields Arts Centre Gallery


Join us for the opening of two new exhibitions!

Rules of Summer features a set of original paintings from Shaun Tan made for the picture book of the same title.
The exhibition explores the friendship of two young boys as it is challenged by many difficult and irrational situations, each one a metaphor for familiar childhood experiences. The story is little more than a list of mysterious rules, ‘Never step on a snail’, ‘Never leave the back door open overnight’ or ‘Never leave a red sock on the clothesline’. As each rule is broken – not always by accident – surprising consequences ensue and audiences are invited to decide for themselves what is really happening, and why.

Black & CUTE’s photography project is a Drug Aware Regional Arts WA funded project aimed at equipping young African girls with photography skills. African girls and women and poorly represented in media and their stories are usually misconstrued. Through this project, the girls have gained basic photography skills with local photographer Melissa Drummond that enable them to tell their own stories and represent themselves in the ways they prefer and see fit.

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Goldfields Arts Centre
35 Cheetham Street, Kalgoorlie
Goldfields Arts Centre Gallery
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