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Apply to be involved in a WW1 Movie

25 March 2021

Recurring from 25 March 2021 until 25 May 2021 (View Dates)

Western Australia
Before Dawn - Extras Needed


Before Dawn – Extra’s Needed

As we drive forward with this epic production and having had an extra year, the production is going to be bigger and better and we are so grateful for the support that everyone has for us!

This also means we have opportunities for more people to be involved and we are chasing extras and featured extras.

If you are interested to be involved please know that:

Our priority dates we would like you involved are: June 24th and June 25th | June 28th – July 2nd | July 5th – July 9th

We have created a system to organise you all into groups. These groups are called “Companies”, just like the army. As there are 6 weeks, the Companies are: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, with the last three being our priority to fill.
Delta Company (Priority)  24th June – 25th June
Echo Company (Priority)  28th June – 2nd July
Foxtrot Company (Priority) 5th July – 9th July
If you would like to be involved or have questions please email

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Thursday 25 March 2021

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