The Great Beyond Visitor Centre and Explorers Hall of Fame

5 Augusta Street, Laverton
Western Australia
Great Beyond Visitor Centre
Credit: Michael McGuire


Due to our exciting new expansion the Great Beyond Visitor Centre is temporarily located in our Pop Up Shop at the front of the Desert Inn Hotel.

The landscape of the Northern Goldfields of Western Australia is a unique and varied one, of shifting sands, of stony mountain ranges, eucalypt woodlands, mulga scrub, rivers, creeks and salt lakes – but have you ever considered how the early explorers and pioneers coped with these unfamiliar and unforgiving conditions?

The Great Beyond Explorers Hall of Fame in Laverton allows visitors to be transported to a time of exploration and endeavour as the heroes of the inland tell their stories of hardship, bravery and perseverance in harsh and dangerous conditions.

As each explorer ‘speaks’ of their experiences and reasons for venturing into the unknown, it brings their characters to life like no book can ever achieve.

Using various attention-grabbing forms of technology that are sure to impress people of all ages, the Hall of Fame pays tribute to not only the explorers but also to the pioneers and women of the same era. From the gold rush days to the flora and fauna, pastoral history to the nickel boom of 1969, the Hall of Fame provides an overview from pre-history to present day.

The museum also houses a display of the local Wongutha peoples’ history, including the story of Tommy Windich, an indigenous man who assisted early explorers in their expeditions, as well as cases of various artefacts.

The Great Beyond Explorers Hall of Fame is a central, vibrant place where a diverse range of visitors and locals go to share stories, often over a freshly brewed coffee. Housing the town’s Visitor Centre, a gift shop and a cafe, the Hall of Fame is rarely quiet with an event, exhibition or just great atmosphere keeping the visitors entertained.

Open seven days a week, there is always a chance to visit the state of the art display in the Hall of Fame, browse the extensive collections of books and souvenirs or relax and enjoy a bite to eat.

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5 Augusta Street, Laverton
Western Australia
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The Great Beyond Visitor Centre and Explorers Hall of Fame

5 Augusta Street, Laverton
Western Australia

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