Skylab Sculpture

6 James Street, Esperance
Western Australia
Skylab Sculpture
Credit: Esperance Community Arts


The ‘Skylab Sculpture,’ situated in the Museum Park grounds, is a model of the original Skylab which crashed over the Esperance areas in 1979.

Skylab was America’s first space station and the world’s first big space station. It was orbiting unmanned for just over five years before it returned to Earth breaking up and scattering debris across the Esperance area and the Nullarbor.

Esperance Artist based artist and sculptor Phil Shelton was commissioned by the Esperance Bay Historical Society in 2010 to create the artwork as part of the ‘Ships to Skylab’ Heritage Walk Trail.

Funding was sourced from Magellan Metals, with other assistance provided by Davey’s Engineering, Picko’s Fab Shop, Esperance Senior High School, Larry Youngson, Mark Williams and Client Nickson.

This is site 82 on the Esperance Arts and Culture Trail map.

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6 James Street, Esperance
Western Australia
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