Norseman – Nullarbor Links (Hole 14 and 15)

Western Australia
Norseman Nullarbor Links
Credit: Lynn Webb


Hole 14: Golden Horse
Par 4 – 436m

Gold mining in the Norseman area began with the chance discovery of gold at nearby Lake Dundas in 1892. A gold rush soon began. Today however the original Dundas fields now lie abandoned.

According to local legend, the town of Norseman was named after a horse. It is said that in 1894 a horse named Hardy Norseman was tethered to a tree for the night by its owner, Laurie Sinclair. Upon returning to his horse Sinclair had the good fortune to discover that Norseman had unearthed a gold nugget.

Since then a statue has been erected in honour of Norseman. Today Gold Mining continues to be a major activity with reports that the Norseman fields have produced over 5 million ounces of the precious yellow metal.

Hole 15: Ngadju
Par 4 – 354m

You are now standing on Ngadju ground and the Ngadju people are the traditional owners of the land.

The lake you see in the foreground is called Warrarnbunna meaning the place of the long ground. The eucalypt forest around us is the largest woodland forest on the earth and called the Great Western Woodlands. Let us all enjoy and protect.


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Norseman – Nullarbor Links (Hole 14 and 15)

Western Australia

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