Lake Lefroy

Western Australia
Lake Lefroy - Kambalda
Credit: Lauren Alexander


This vast salt lake covering 510 square km, was discovered in 1864 by Explorer CC Hunt and named Lake Lefroy.

Gold was later discovered by Percy Larkin in 1896 but the alluvial gold became hard to find and gold productions ceased in 1907.

In 1966 Nickel mining rejuvenated the town of Kambalda with mining taking place in the area and on Lake Lefroy.

In 1970 Land Sailing became popular here due to the size of the lake and the texture of the salt. In fact, several attempts were made to break the Australian land speed record at Lake Lefroy in the past. The land yachts can still be found today racing across the smooth salt-crusted surface of Lake Lefroy at speeds of up to 80km / hour when conditions are suitable.

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Lake Lefroy

Western Australia

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