Goldfields Aboriginal Language Centre (GALC)

2 Burt Street, Boulder
Western Australia
Goldfields Aboriginal Language Centre


The Goldfields Aboriginal Languages Centre was developed to preserve the Goldfields Aboriginal languages.

They offer a variety of training including:

  • Cultural Competency Training (CCT)
  • Translators and interpreters course
  • Learn to Read and Write Goldfields Languages
  • Goldfields Languages for Teachers

And have many resources available.

The centre commenced as a project in July 2011. The initial focus was to work on two of the Goldfield’s languages, Ngalia and Tjupan. However, this was expanded to include the Kuwarra language, the Kaalamaya language of the Kubrun people in Kalgoorlie, Ngaju, Cundeelee Wangka and Ngalia.

In 2015, we were successful in obtaining 4 years of funding enabling us to provide linguistic support and services to all the languages of the Goldfields region. It is estimated there are 14-16 languages in the region, however much of the language analysis work remains to be done and the exact number resolved. We have since been awarded 4 years of Commonwealth funds in order to ensure all language groups of the Goldfields received support.

This work is done in partnership with each language group of the Goldfields. The Project team partners with each language group to create teaching and learning resources in order for people to enjoy their languages and teach children language speaking, reading and writing skills

For more information visit the website or drop into their new shop at 2 Burt Street Boulder.

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2 Burt Street, Boulder
Western Australia
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Goldfields Aboriginal Language Centre (GALC)

2 Burt Street, Boulder
Western Australia

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