Boulder Cemetery

South Boulder
Western Australia
Boulder Cemetery
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The Boulder Cemetery was established in June 1904 and replaced the first Boulder Cemetery after it was discovered that the land was full of rocks and digging of the graves was difficult.

The Boulder Cemetery board acted promptly on the suggestion by the minister of lands in August 1903 that they should choose a new site for the Boulder Cemetery.

In less than a month they sent a letter, penned in impressive copperplate, to the Minister for Lands in Perth, setting out the details of their preferred new site.  It read:

Boulder City
September 16, 1903.

Dear Sir,

Re: suggested new Cemetery for Boulder

A piece of land 60 acres in extent is available in a site conveniently situated facing Hamilton street and Rang and running across Columbia Street as per plan accompanying this.

Would you have this reserved at least temporarily for Cemetery purposes.

We have tested the ground on this site and estimate that the sinking can be done for about 9/- per grave as against the present cost of £1.   This would give us a profit of at least £150 per annum instead of working as now, from hand to mouth. We propose that 25 acres of this land should first be fenced.

With the surveys proposed to be done by your Department, we estimate that a sum of £350 would fence the whole, picket fence the frontage, provide gates, and also gravelling for paths. Other work, we estimate could be done with the funds received, counting the average of the past four years.

We would point out that the sum mentioned and the placing of the Cemetery on the new site would save the Government further immediate necessary grants for road making, for despite past expenditure the Cemetery road is, even at this season, almost impassible. Besides if the present Cemetery is continued there will have to be money provided from some source for maintenance.

We have placed this matter before you as a business proposition feeling sure that the alteration will mean a large future saving to the state and bearing in mind the fact that there are no means provided for raising funds locally.

Yours faithfully,

W.V Lee, Secretary

The Boulder Cemetery Board disbanded in 1974 and the care, control and management was passed to the Shire of Boulder and then to the city of Kalgoorlie Boulder when the Shire of Boulder and the Town of Kalgoorlie amalgamated in 1989. In October 1992 the Kalgoorlie Cemetery Board took over the care, control and management from the city of Kalgoorlie Boulder and became known as the Kalgoorlie Boulder Cemetery Board.

Before heading out to the Boulder Cemetery, contact the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Cemetery Board located on Memorial Drive, Kalgoorlie, so they can provide more information to complement your visit. 

The Boulder Cemetery is located off Lynch Street in South Boulder. The Old Boulder Cemetery is located just a few minutes from here.


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Boulder Cemetery

South Boulder
Western Australia

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