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At the end of Great Eastern Highway, 595kms east-northeast of Perth, is the historical gold mining city of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. Founded on the discovery of gold in 1893 at a location near Mt Charlotte, Hannans Find would soon be renamed Kalgoorlie and its population would swell.

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Gold Pour at Hannans North Tourist Mine


In the early 1900’s, vast amounts of gold was discovered and mines developed in an area between Kalgoorlie and Boulder which became known as the ‘Golden Mile’.  In 1989, these mines were consolidated into one open pit, the SuperPit.  Mining remains the largest economic output for the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder.  While mining heritage tourism has flourished the City also boasts a vibrant arts and cultural community, and a number of unique trails highlighting the diversity of this region.


Deriving its name from the Aboriginal word for Silky Pear “Karlkurla”, Kalgoorlie is a city of prosperity in both lifestyle and resource.  Although a modern city, Kalgoorlie is home to some remarkable heritage architecture seen on its main thoroughfare, Hannan Street with its rich mining and prospecting history seen in the tourist attractions and sites monumenting the discovery of gold, the diversity of people and cultures who raised Kalgoorlie, and the incidents which have forged it as the largest city in the Australian outback.


Just a few kilometres from Kalgoorlie, Boulder is geographically the centre of the richest gold find ever unearthed in Australia, and named after the first operating gold mine, the Great Boulder Mine.  The town of Boulder was gazetted in 1896 as the numbers of prospectors grew.  Burt Street in Boulder displays much of the character from its historic prospecting days.  Although the ‘Golden Mile’ has been consumed into the SuperPit, a viewing platform on Goldfields Highway on the western side of the open pit provides visitors with an opportunity to see modern mining in action.

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