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Credit: Michael McGuire


A detailed description published in the Laverton Mercury provides insight into how the completed courthouse looked in 1900:

“The courtroom is 28 ft. x 18 ft. x 14ft. with jarrah floorings and footings.

Green tinted walls of fluted iron form a striking contrast with the fittings. A barrier, constructed of solid jarrah separates the bench and the barrister’s portion of the room from the hearers, where judging from the small space allowed then, have not been favourably considered”.

Over the decades the Courthouse has deteriorated with neglect and vandalism.

When Laverton was redesigned in the mid-1970s, the courthouse was moved to the new recreation grounds.

It is currently being renovated for use by the Catholic Church, with plans as a place of worship and accommodation for visiting priests.


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19 Craiggie Street, Laverton
Western Australia
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Old Laverton Courthouse

19 Craiggie Street, Laverton
Western Australia

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