Lake Raeside Bridge


As you are coming into town from Kalgoorlie you’ll find an Information Bay and a picnic area for your enjoyment. Lake Raeside is a fantastic spot to watch the sun melt into the horizon and watch the reflection if the lakes are full.

Lake Raeside is part of a larger lake system that begins north of Leonora near Sir Samuel at Lake Miranda and extends south-east to Lake Goddard – a distance of over 800km.

The lake is generally dry, covered with a thin film of salt and has features typical of the area. During extreme rainfall, the lake can be transformed into a flowing waterway and the lake takes on the dynamic characteristics of a real river.

It’s a great spot to enjoy a picnic and watch the sunset at the picnic table and chairs provided.

In February 1995, after the events of Cyclone Bobby, a 4km section of the Goldfields Highway at Lake Raeside was closed to all traffic for 16 days before opening to heavy vehicles only. It would be closed to all light vehicles for a further 36 days!

Leonora had recorded its highest ever rainfall for the month of February and the catchment was already saturated from earlier rain which compounded the severity of the flooding caused by Cyclone Bobby.

As you can imagine, this had a huge impact on the road network, the surrounding communities and agriculture because of the delays to major transport routes.

This incident highlighted the need to upgrade the Goldfields Highway crossing at Lake Raeside.

At the time of the flooding, the concrete bridge stood 1.2m high. This was upgraded to the 5m high, 120m long composite bridge you see today.


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