Town of Kookynie
Credit: Regina Carson


The town of Kookynie was established on the back of a mining boom around the town of Menzies in the mid-1890s.

It was gazetted in 1900 and there followed a growing community with 3,500 residents, a swimming pool, numerous hotels, a workman’s club, schools, breweries and many businesses to keep a community thriving.

Walkthrough the town using the information boards to paint a picture of the early 1900s.

Nowadays the town is commonly referred to as a ghost town and mostly caters for tourists, prospectors, fossickers, mining and exploration companies, pastoralists and of course, Willy the horse.

Kookynie is Site 9 on the Golden Quest Discovery Trail.


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Kookynie, Western Australia
08 9024 2702

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Kookynie Town

Kookynie, Western Australia

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