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Hamersley Inlet

46 Veal Street, Hopetoun
Western Australia
Credit: Dene Bingham


Hamersley Inlet is a haven for wildlife, fish, and birds.

It is a superb place to go kayaking and fishing as the hard schist and quartz layers of rock have helped to form an unusually deep body of water for an estuary, holding water for a longer time.  This has created ideal conditions for birds and other wildlife to flourish.

The estuary extends from the sandbar at the mouth of the inlet seven (7) kilometres to the rocky outcrop to the north where the winding river valley begins.

Along the water’s edges, the eucalyptus woodland and paperbark thickets host a cacophony of bird song.

If you are wanting a peaceful time away from the crowds and immersed in nature you are sure to enjoy this delightful estuary.

Camping at Hamersley Inlet is managed by Shire of Ravensthorpe, contact the Ranger by phoning: 0427264377.

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Parks and Wildlife Services
46 Veal Street, Hopetoun
Western Australia


Hamersley Inlet

46 Veal Street, Hopetoun
Western Australia"

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