A hidden attraction, Buldania Rocks has some spectacular Gnamma Holes – natural cavities which capture and store water. These were, and still are, a main water source for Aboriginal people.

The Gnamma Holes seem to always contain water even after long dry periods. After rainfall the rock glistens with trickling water and the holes are replenished. Unsurprisingly, this area is culturally significant to the local indigenous people. You can read more information on the board at the entrance to this special place.

Buldania Rocks is situated 26km east of Norseman on the Eyre Highway and is a popular camping spot for self-contained vehicles. The entrance is about 200 metres off the road and can be missed so keep a lookout.

There are no rubbish bins, water or shade at this site but pets are allowed.


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Buldania Rocks

Fraser Range, Western Australia

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