Beacon Hill Lookout & Walk Trail

Norseman, Western Australia
Norseman and the Nullarbor
Beacon Hill Lookout


With panoramic 360 degree views, Beacon Hill Lookout is the ideal place to see everything at once from a high vantage point above the town!

Take in the natural bushland setting around you.

Drive up the hill from town via Mines Road, and view the scene with a directional dial pointing into the distance towards surrounding landmarks.

Read the information boards exploring early settler Norseman mining history.

Take a walk along the gravel path descending the east side of the lookout and coming back up from the west. Along this 900m walk, prepare to see a range of interesting points such as salt lakes and different species of trees, former local mining operations and old mine workings, all whilst overlooking present-day Norseman.

Sit a while on the benches provided along the walk, as another relaxing feature to enjoy.


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Norseman Visitor Centre
Norseman, Western Australia
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Beacon Hill Lookout & Walk Trail

Norseman, Western Australia

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