6 ‘Wooden Figures’

Esperance, Western Australia, 6450, Australia

6 Wooden Figures - Esperance
6 Wooden Figures Photograph: Eye in the Sky Photography

The 6 ‘Wooden Figures’ are a feature of the Don Mackenzie Memorial Gardens.

The figures were designed and created by Esperance-based artist Larry Youngson was commissioned by the Port of Esperance in 2003.  Larry Youngson has a background in graphic artwork and signwriting and has been involved in a diverse range of art projects for more than 30 years.

The small, but lovely Don Mackenzie Waterfront Gardens is a lovely walk showcasing this work, other public art and memorabilia.

Mackenzie arrived in Esperance in 1947 to fish and subsequently developed a tug service and island cruise business which has contributed to the community and continued to grow with his family still at the helm.

This is site 67 on the Esperance Arts and Culture Trail map.


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Esperance, Western Australia, 6450, Australia
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6 ‘Wooden Figures’

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