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Quality Music Education age 1 to Adult
Structured Group Programmes
Toddler / Pianorama / Singing

International School of Music Kalgoorlie provides quality music education for children in a unique group environment. The ISM system has an emphasis on developing aural, creative and performance skills and developing musicians who listen, sing, play, read, write, perform and love their music.

All of our pre-school and group piano classes are written specifically for children by Rosalind Thrift, a well respected Australian music educator. All programs are supported by speed variable disks and have been carefully structured to give the maximum benefit to each student, developing all technical and musical components, whilst still being fun and exciting. Individual piano lessons are available to Pianorama graduates as well as group theory classes.

Our singing courses are completely unique and designed to inspire and challenge. Through the fostering of good vocal technique, rhythm, pitch and musicality, our students build their confidence, performance skills and love of singing.

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